In the Airline and Aerospace industries, cleanliness is critical to performance and safety. A superior clean can reveal what the eye does not see. Dry Ice Blasting offers an enhanced cleaning on-the-spot.

What can Dry Ice Blasting clean in this industry?

  • Landing gear
  • Brake components
  • Engine clean-up
  • Adhesive and sealant clean-up
  • Wheel wells
  • Electric components
  • Tires
  • Switches

Why use Dry Ice Blasting for the Aerospace industry?

Dry Ice Blasting isĀ  fast and efficient. It can reach all areas, and does not need a drying time, secondary cleaning or wipe down. Grease, oil, carbon deposits and dirt can all be removed effectively without damaging electrical wires, equipment, switches and motors.

There is no need to disassemble any equipment as Dry Ice Blasting can clean tow hitches, landing gear systems, engine bay covers, etc. without taking them apart. This means there is less down time and more cost savings.

Canada gets hit with very cold winters. This means that cleaning with water may not be the best option for this industry, as the water can freeze. Dry Ice Blasting does not leave moisture when cleaning and does not damage surfaces. What is unique about this method is that Dry Ice Pellets vapourize (sublimate) and therefore, do not leave ice on the airplanes or any of its parts.