Automotive Assembly Plants

Traditional cleaning methods can require equipment to be disassembled, and relocated to a designated cleaning area. Dry Ice Blasting can be performed on-line without disassembly.

Dry Ice Blasting cleans:

  • Robotic welding equipment
  • Weld splatter removal
  • Painting systems cleaning
  • Conveyor chain cleaning
  • Tire/rim assembly equipment
  • Rubber testing and alignment equipment
  • Windshield and body sealants
  • Personal cooling fans
  • Robotic painting equipment
  • Auto part moulds
  • Seat moulds
  • Tire moulds

Dry Ice Blasting can reduce the time spent using traditional cleaning methods within an automotive plant and increase productivity. This means your plant does not need to shut down, there is no cleanup after and no need for cool down or drying time, which can result in a cleaning within hours vs days.