Fin Fan Cleaning

Heat Exchangers, Chillers, Evaporators, Condensers, Generator Fans and Air Exchangers need to be cleaned regularly. The cooling coils surrounded by fins get plugged up over time with dirt and other debris as air moves through them. When this happens it causes these expensive machines to work harder and consume more energy.


Conventional cleaning methods can be unsuccessful, damaging to the equipment, harmful to the environment and are cost prohibitive.

The best solution to this is to clean the fin fans regularly with Dry Ice Blasting.


Dry Ice Blasting is the most efficient, least time consuming, environmentally friendly method for fin fan cleaning. The result of Dry Ice Blasting is an instant removal of the blockage in these coils with no mess or damage to the fins, while sanitizing the surface. The Wickens Dry Ice Blasting team are experts ensuring the delicate fins surrounding the coils are not damaged providing a cleaner clean.