• Strong enough to remove years of build up

  • Evaporates on contact

  • No secondary waste creation or clean up

  • Portable solution reducing downtime

Dry Ice Blasting is Ideal for the cleaning Fin Fan / Heat Exchangers

For optimal performance, Heat Exchangers, Chillers, Evaporators, Condensers, Generator Fans and Air Exchangers need to be cleaned regularly. The cooling coils surrounded by fins get plugged up over time with dirt and other debris as air moves through them, causing these machines to work harder and consume more energy.


Conventional cleaning methods can be unsuccessful in cleaning Fin Fans / Heat Exchangers as the media used can be damaging to the surface.


Dry Ice Blasting is ideal for the successful cleaning of Fin Fans / Heat Exchangers as the dry ice sublimates on contact, leaving no secondary waste behind to clean.


Dry Ice Blasting equipment is completely portable, reducing any downtime involved with the preparation of the area.


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Solutions for Fin Fan / Heat Exchangers.

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