Hazardous waste and safe disposal are extreme difficulties in the foundry industry. Dry Ice Blasting will reduce the overall volume of hazardous waste as it allows for cleaning of grease, dust, carbon and ink from foundry equipment.


The benefit of Dry Ice Blasting is the ability to clean while hot and in place. This is a significant down time saver as there is not need to stop service die-casting machines and conveyors.


Core boxes in metal casting operations are quickly cleaned of all unnecessary contaminants and put back to work. By including Dry Ice Blasting into your daily operations, it will give your business a quick ROI, saving thousands of dollars by "cleaning in place".

What Can Dry Ice Blasting Clean in the Foundry Industry?

  • Hot mould core boxes and screens

  • Isocure cores

  • Poured aluminum moulds

  • Die-casting Machines
  • Conveyors