General Maintenance

Dry Ice Blasting can be performed on-line without disassembly, and without the need for cool down or drying time, which can result in a cleaning on the spot, within hours vs days. Factories and other facilities tend to gather dirt, soot, grease, oil build up, etc. causing machinery to function improperly, equipment to quit and creating slippery floors. These issues can cause an unsafe working environment for employees and must be taken care of. 


General Maintenance Cleaning of:

  • Storage tanks

  • De-aerators

  • Boiler/steam and mud drums

  • Magnetic particle inspection

  • Production machinery

  • Removal of oil and grease from all surfaces

  • Removes smoke and soot from fire damaged areas

  • Equipment
  • Floors
  • Spillage cleanup

No job is too big or small for Wickens. Contact us not to perform general maintenance on your facility today!

Wheel & Motor Equipment Cleaning

Motor Cleaning

Dry ice blasting removes dirt, grime, oil, and bitumen from wheels and motors, thus improving performance, in less time than other cleaning methods. The process is completely dry and can be done on-site, which substantially reduces downtime. Perform routine preventive maintenance to prolong the life of your equipment to save you time and money.

Wheel Cleaning                   

  Motor Cleaning