Historical Restoration | Historical Building Restoration

The restoration of historical buildings, structures or valuable tributes is difficult to achieve without damaging the target area using traditional industrial cleaning methods. Wickens Dry Ice Blasting Inc. has the experience and capabilities to contribute to a historic building restoration project, and can successfully remove decades of buildup while maintaining the integrity of the aged structure during the restoration of the historical building.


Whether it’s by smoke damage, mould, lead based paint or carbon build up, Wickens knowledgeable team can help uncover the original surface safely during a historical building restoration project without damaging the historical building surface and without creating any harmful secondary waste. Wickens Dry Ice Blasting Inc. offers the most delicate, yet cost effective way to successfully restore a historic building during a restoration project.

Why use Wickens Dry Ice Blasting Inc. for the Restoration of Historical Buildings?

· Cleans and restores the historical building without damage

· Cleans detail work, tight spots, and around nails and obstructions

· Removes lead based paints

· Cleans around wiring/plumbing without damage

· Brings out original details without the mess

· Uncovers the detail of a structure

· Executes a highly safe and efficient cleaning process

· Leaves no secondary waste streams

· Helps eliminate the use of tough chemicals and abrasive cleaning methods

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