Roofing Restoration

Wickens Dry Ice Blasting has perfected a variety of integrated dry ice blast cleaning solution for the roofing industry. Hazards such as building fires, product spills and attendant mould remediation can now be addressed quickly and effectively using Wickens Dry Ice Blasting expertise and guidance.


Wickens Dry Ice Blasting Inc. brings an environmentally responsible process which eliminates potential health and environmental hazards without visible damage or secondary waste.


  • Building fires
  • Product spills
  • Mould remediation
  • Soot entrapment
  • Asphalt staining
  • Insulation removal
  • Odour elimination
  • Stain removal


  • Cost savings on pan/deck
  • Reduce replacement costs
  • Environmentally responsible
  • No secondary waste
  • Non-abrasive, will not damage building structures
  • Faster than costly labour intensive cleaning methods
  • No surface damage

Wickens Dry Ice Blasting Cleaning Methods

Cleaning Method





Dry Ice Blasting

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Media Blasting


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Water Blasting





Ingrated Solutions

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