Does Dry Ice Blasting Work?

Posted On June 23, 2015


Dry Ice Blasting has become a very popular method to restore any damages that you may encounter. It not only restores damages, but it is a great way to clean up any damages, such as mold. Many are still skeptical of what exactly dry ice blasting is and if it really lives up to their word that it will actually work; not only work to restore the damage to but also keep the damage away without it complicating in the future. Here are some facts about what dry ice blasting really is and how its powerful restorations actually work.

1. How it works

Dry ice blasting (also known as CO2 blasting) has an effective way to do any cleaning and restorations by creating a preserved coating on the area desired. The dry ice will come in at a high velocity so that it can stick to the surface, making it easier for the damage to be cleaned or be removed; think of it like a water-pressurized hose, only instead of water, it is vaporized ice. Since the particles stick to the surface, it also creates a secured coating that basically keeps all damages secured beneath the dry ice coating; this makes it easier to restore and you are able to even paint over the damaged piece.

2. Cleansing up mold

Using Dry Ice blasting is the most effective way to get rid of mold. The way it works is that the pressurized hose will deliver, at high velocity, small ice pellets that will then stick to the surface where the mold is located. After, it is easy to scrub off all mold particles and it will actually be easier to maintain safely; since the mold is solid frozen, it will not attach anywhere else and it will be an easy clean up. Of course, it is best to let the professionals handle this part, simply because mold can be very hazardous with your health, and you do not want to come in contact with it.

3. Little maintenance

The great thing about using dry ice blasting is the little maintenance needed while performing the task. The pellets evaporate on contact of where it is blasted and no residue is left from the dry ice product. It will make cleaning up the damaged area less of a hassle. Of course, it depends on how big the damage area is, but it will be easy to clean since everything will be preserved. The only thing that you must extremely be careful with is handling the dry ice blasting equipment. Seeing, as the CO2 is -109F, meaning it is very, very cold, you need to wear proper gloves to keep your hands from freezing while handling the task.

Dry ice blasting is effective, easy and you will see results instantly. Just be sure to do any homework to see which dry ice blasting company you choose is the right choice for your situation. If you want to start of somewhere during your search for help when it comes to fixing damages with dry ice blasting, consider looking at Wickens' website . They specialize in Dry Ice Blasting, so look into them if you are interested.