Dry Ice Blasting Pays For Itself

The Dry Ice Blasting process eliminates so many of the negative elements associated with cleaning that it literally pays for itself! Dry Ice Blasting eliminates the need for:

  • Disassembly and relocation 

  • Solvents

  • Hand scrubbing

  • Equipment damage

  • Drying time 

  • Cool down time

How Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Pays for Itself

Increased Uptime Case Study-FOUNDRIES:

A current customer provides statistics which illustrate real savings using Dry Ice Blasting vs their traditional method of Grinder Wheels.

  • Machines Operate 24 hrs/day,
    350 days a year 

  • 60 Moulds, 1/3 cleaned each shift

  • Cleaning per mould
     - Grinder Wheels: 1/2 hour
    - Dry Ice Blasting: 1/4 hour 

  • Annual Downtime per mould
    - Grinder Wheels: 175 hours
    - Dry Ice Blasting: 87.5 hours 

  • Annual Downtime 60 moulds 
    - Grinder Wheels: 10,500 hours
    - Dry Ice Blasting: 5.250 hours

Net Increase in available production time of 5,250 hours!