Clean Electrical Equipment; a Safe, Fast and “Green” Cleaning Alternative

Other types of cleaning for electrical equipment can cause days of costly downtime --even weeks! These periods of downtime are directly influenced by long dry times and clean up of secondary wastes.  These reduced hours of productivity are harmful and can drastically reduce profits.  With Wickens Dry Ice Blasting you can skip the dry time, skip the clean up and increase the uptime and reliability of your electrical equipment. Dry Ice Blasting is a completely dry cleaning process that is non damaging and used efficiently on stationary and rotating electrical equipment. Without the hassle of disassembling components, your electrical equipment can be up and running immediately after being cleaned – no disconnections or reconnections necessary.


  • Safe for equipment
  • Safe for the environment
  • Safe for employees
  • Cleaned in place
  • Dry on contact
  • No secondary waste
  • No power outages


Dry Ice Blast cleaning is a process that can be safely used on electrical apparatus. There is no damage to stator slots, turbine blades or other delicate components. Popular applications include but are not limited to; hydro generating equipment (stators & rotors), transformers, substations, gas turbine generators, nucler decontamination, insulators, motor control centers, power distribution panels and system components.

Hear it From Them...

“Our engineers love the fact that we can clean motors and generators faster and cleaner than ever before.”

“One-third of the debris removed from our stators by CO2 blast cleaning originated from previous grit blasting."

    -       Ontario Hydro