Dry Ice Blasting in Fort McMurray

Preventative maintenance cleaning is vital as a precautionary measure to avoid unsafe working conditions in a plant or on a production line. Western Dry Ice Blasting services can help you achieve the cleanest result for your needs in a shorter amount of time, allowing you to return to day-to-day business operations with minimum interruption.

Bitumen Removal

Since the production of bitumen continues to grow in Alberta, accounting for more than 72 per cent of Alberta’s total crude oil and raw bitumen output the amount of maintenance and upkeep is very important. The manufacturing processes for bitumen can leave heavy deposits in storage tanks and on valves, pumps and floors.

Conventional cleaning methods are often too time-consuming for plant operators and therefore the removal process of bitumen is one of the most difficult tasks for a company to do on its own.

Western Dry Ice Blasting not only has the experience working with bitumen removal but also uses a process that is gentle on equipment but will ensure a quick and efficient removal.

Western Dry Ice Blast cleaning process generates significant cost savings in a timely manner. Western Dry Ice Blast cleaning services will ensure a professional clean for the following types of equipment:

• Scaffolding

• Heavy Mining Equipment

• Fin Fan Coolers

• Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaning

• Variable Frequency Drives

• Electronic Motor Windings & Turbines

• Furnaces

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