Industrial Cleaning Jobs Suitable for Dry Ice Blasting

Posted On May 28, 2015


If you’re looking for an alternative way of cleaning for your industrial job, your search ends now. With dry ice blasting, you get an alternative way of cleaning that is both cost effective and environmentally friendly. This means, you save money and the environment all at once. With dry ice blasting, you don’t get those harmful chemicals like you would with more traditional cleaning methods. Instead, you get a cleaner and more effective way of removing dirt and grime. This method is so effective that it can be used on a number of different industrial jobs. This makes cleaning for your clients so much easier and saves you time by not having to deal with secondary waste. If you are interested in the dry ice blasting method, you want to know what applications it can be used for. Here are just of the many ways you can utilize this alternative cleaning method.


Electrical Installation Cleanup


When it comes to being around electrical work, the last thing you want to use is water or sand to clean the area. This is why dry ice blasting is a great alternative for cleaning up around electrical installation. This ensures your safety and no damage to the area around it.


Graffiti Removal


Graffiti can be one of the hardest things to clean. When it comes to removing it off surfaces, you need something powerful that won’t harm the areas around it. Dry ice blasting is an effective cleaning method that won’t harm any vegetation in the area. What’s more is you don’t have to worry about secondary waste with a downstream runoff.


Oil Field Equipment

When you need to protect your equipment, but it also needs to be cleaned, the dry ice blasting is the way to go. You don’t have to worry about the equipment getting damaged with the dry ice. You also get no secondary waste during the process making the cleaning process much faster. No harmful chemicals are used so the oil is completely uncontaminated using this method. You don’t want to use sand or water when dealing with oil field equipment. Instead, you can enjoy the great benefits of dry ice blasting.

Building Maintenance

One of the best ways to retain the value of a property is by keeping the exterior looking nice. Enhancing the property’s value can be done by simply removing any dirt or grime off of it. Other cleaning methods involve harmful chemicals that your employees are exposed to. With the dry ice blasting method, there are no harmful chemicals used in the process. This means it is good for not only people working with it, but it is also good for the environment as well.

There are so many ways to use the dry ice blasting cleaning process. You can use it for a number of different applications including food and beverage processing, heritage work, cleaning of moulds, roofs, and so much more. This is a great way to save money, time, and the environment.