Different Applications for Dry Ice Blasting

Posted On September 9, 2015

Dry ice blast cleaning is being used successfully in several different applications almost every day across the world. From home use to Industrial cleaning services, there are many different ways to utilize this eco friendly form of cleaning. With that in mind, many businesses that could not benefit from this type of cleaning are now able to. With that in mind, here are some of the recommended applications for dry ice blasting:


Adhesives are easy to remove by this method compared to alternatives because the lowered temperature weakens the adhesive bond. Several industrial cleaning services are using blasting to remove old labels off packaging bags or containers, which are being recycled.

Fire Remediation

Dry ice blast cleaning is highly effective in getting rid of soot, toxic residues, and even associated smells after fire. Dry ice blasting companies work with most major insurance companies over a wide geographic area to swiftly clean smoke and fire in damaged areas.

Mold Removal

This kind of cleaning has been proved to be highly effective with mold removal. This is because the spray force of pellets can quickly and successfully wipe any surface clean. In addition to removing mold, the wood’s top layer that contains the roots of the mold is also eliminated. This leaves the wood mold free and clean.

Food Industry and Hospital Use

Dry ice blasting of the surface of instruments and products is nontoxic and can stop or hinder the growth of mildew, mold and other fungi and odors particularly at the source by removing host environment of bacteria, rather than a cover-up or masking agent. This kind of cleaning is 100 percent ecologically harmless, biodegradable, USDA rated and safe to humans, marine life, and animals.

Cleaning of Electrical Motor Windings

Ice blast cleaning can also be used to clean electrical motor windings. This kind of cleaning can really conserve time and effort since the dry ice’s cold temperature breaks the contaminants’ bond quicker than steam blasting or solvents. Just the contaminant is removed as the ice melts and evaporates into the air. In this case, the motor can be swiftly heated to prevent condensation of the cold metal when the cleaning is over.

Cleaning Printing Presses

Dry ice blasting is also an effective method of getting rid of dry and wet ink, adhesive residues, powder, and paper dust. The softness of dry ice maintains the necessary tolerances of a die better compared to other cleaning methods. This reduces the chances of unexpected shutdowns of printing machines, reduces maintenance time, and improves product quality. 

Although this list covers many applications, there are also several other applications of dry ice blasting that are not included in this list, but worth mentioning, and these include industrial cleaning services for foundries, nuclear power plants and plastic manufacturing applications. Therefore, if you’d like to know more about whether dry ice blasting could be used in your industry, why not get in touch!