Dry Ice Blasting Cost: 5 Reasons Why Dry Ice Blasting is Worth the Investment

Posted On November 18, 2015

There are lots of different industrial cleaning solutions on the market today - and dry ice blasting is quickly becoming one of the most popular, despite its potentially larger price tag.  Upfront, dry ice blasting may appear to be a bigger investment, however, it’s important to consider a number of factors to see how each industrial cleaning method can impact your business. 

Clean up costs, potential downtimes, and other factors also affect your company’s bottom line - and should be considered when choosing an industrial cleaning service.  Coincidentally, they’re also a few of the reasons why we believe dry ice blasting is worth the investment.  Read more about the advantages of dry ice blasting below.


Dry Ice Blasting is Quick

The carbon dioxide (CO2) ice pellets that are blasted out at high speeds almost immediately turn into a gas.  That’s the perfect recipe for getting into hard to reach spaces that would be nearly impossible to clean by hand.  While traditional methods may require equipment to be disassembled and moved to a designated cleaning area, dry ice blasting can be performed right on the line, resulting in a cleaning process that can begin - and end - within hours, rather than days.


Dry Ice Blasting will Shorten Potential Downtimes

Dry ice blasting’s unique cleaning process - using an extreme cold shock to break the bond between the coating and the substrate - eliminates many of the negative elements usually associated with industrial cleaning.  Dry ice blasting requires no additional hand scrubbing, drying or cool down time, and results in no residual blast clean up.  All of that helps to minimize any potential downtimes for your business, getting your company up and running as quickly as possible. 


Dry Ice Blasting is Non-Abrasive

Other industrial cleaning methods may damage switches, panels, or belts, as gritty material, such as sand, is blasted out under high pressure.  Dry ice blasting on the other hand, is non-abrasive.  Instead of friction, dry ice blasting uses the vapour that’s formed when dry ice pellets are blasted out at high speeds to remove dirt and grime.  Therefore, dry ice blasting can deliver a high quality clean that’s safe for a variety of materials and surfaces.


Dry Ice Blasting is Safe for Electrical Components

While the more traditional industrial cleaning methods can damage electrical components, dry ice blasting can be used on switches, wiring, photoelectric sensors, and other typically sensitive materials.  That means that any dirt, build up, or grime can be removed quickly and thoroughly, as part of the blasting process - saving your business the added time and effort of trying to cleanse electrical elements by hand, or taking apart heaving machinery.


Dry Ice Blasting is Environmentally Friendly

Unlike other industrial cleaning solutions, dry ice blasting leaves no carbon footprint.  The process does not produce carbon dioxide, or add carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere, thanks to being obtained from reclaimed CO2.  Since the dry ice pellets vapourize during the cleaning process, all that’s left behind is the removed dirt and grime.  Unlike sand blasting or soda blasting, dry ice blasting produces no secondary waste that needs to be properly handled and disposed of following the clean up.