Dry ice blasting saves food processing companies time and money

Posted On April 11, 2017

Cleanliness in food processing facilities is not only necessary to prevent food from becoming contaminated, which can lead to food poisoning and disease, but also to meet government regulations for food safety, enable maximum plant productivity by keeping equipment in proper working order, and to ensure safe working conditions for staff.

Moreover, companies operating in the food industry have to prioritize cleanliness in order maintain a credible reputation. Regular cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces, equipment and production areas need to be factored into the production schedule. Unfortunately, traditional cleaning methods can be labour intensive, requiring production downtown for washing, scrubbing, steaming and drying, and often use harsh chemicals that can cause equipment corrosion over time.

Dry ice blasting is quickly becoming recognized as an ideal method for cleaning food processing equipment and production areas. Dry Ice Blasting is a non-abrasive, completely dry method that uses food grade dry ice pellets for cleaning purposes, without leaving behind harmful secondary waste. The pellets sublimate (vapourize) upon contact with the contaminated surface, and the extreme cold temperature of the vapour causes a micro-thermal shock that breaks the bond between the contaminant and the substrate. The process is much faster than conventional cleaning methods, requiring minimal production downtime.

Dry ice blasting is effective on the full range of food processing equipment and surfaces – including industrial ovens, wafer oven plates, basking molds, ovens and waffle irons, air conveyor systems, conveyor belts, mixers, adhesives used in packaging, meat slicers, preparation surfaces, food processing machines, filters and fryers.

Wickens Dry Ice Blasting has extensive experience working with companies in the food processing industry, and has recently added the Viking Series to their dry ice blasting equipment line to better meet the unique requirements of the industry.

In particular, the Viking Mini dry ice blasting machine is designed for regular use, making it perfect for food companies. Weighing only 29kg/64 lbs and standing at only 610mm/24in tall, the Viking Mini is portable, easy to operate between machines and equipment, and convenient to store. The unit is also very quiet and can be used in work areas without disrupting production.

Cleanliness is critical to the success of companies operating in the food processing industry. However, keeping work areas and equipment clean doesn’t have to involve labour intensive processes, long periods of production downtime or harsh chemicals.

For more information on how dry ice blasting can save your company time and money, contact Wickens today, or visit www.vikingblast.ca to learn more about our specialized equipment.