Ice Blast Cleaning for Industrial Plants Offers Shorter Downtimes

Posted On September 9, 2015

Industrial plants, large and small, require regular cleaning. An unscheduled plant shutdown at any facility any time of year can be devastating, but luckily it is easily avoidable by ensuring that all equipment is properly cleaned and maintained. Cleaning processes sometimes require downtime as well though. Ice blast cleaning using dry ice is a viable option for many different types of plants as well as plants of all different sizes with the bare minimum downtime - sometimes no downtime at all. The process is not only fast but it is also very safe for a wide variety of equipment.

What Are the Ideal Uses For Dry Ice Cleaning?

Ice blasting is particularly ideal for electrical equipment such as electric motors and electric generators because dry ice is non-conductive as well as non-abrasive.

The Importance of Regular Cleaning in an Industrial Plant

Cleanliness directly correlates with employee safety as well as productivity, and clean equipment lasts longer and runs more efficiently. Power plants during the summer, in particular, are in danger of experiencing flashovers. Flashovers are catastrophic failures that can lead to complete shutdowns. They are avoided by keeping all generators running at their peak efficiency. This is accomplished both quickly as well as safely with ice blast cleaning.  

Nuclear plants, to maintain the safety of their employees, require regular decontamination. Ice blasting is also suitable for this type of cleaning that keeps safety at the forefront.

The Versatility of Ice Blasting

Ice blast cleaning is one of the best ways to clean motors and other sensitive pieces of machinery. Electrical motors and generators can overheat and this leads to shutdowns along with costly repairs. Regular cleaning prevents that dreaded overheating. With ice blasting the motors can be cleaned in place, unlike with other cleaning processes. This makes ice blasting both faster and it cuts back on labor costs. There is minimal waste, which means there's minimal cleanup after the cleaning process itself. Again, this cuts back on labor costs. Dry ice is non-abrasive so it's safe for use on small parts as well as cables and any insulation. Deposits, residue and other debris are easily removed without the use of solvents. This also keeps plated surfaces safe from solvent fallout and protects the blades of turbines which can become distorted. Cables, including cable trays and cable ways, are in no risk of being damaged by cleaning tools thanks to the unique blasting process. Ice blast cleaning is actually the safest and fastest way to deal with cables. Dry ice is safe on electrical switch gears too and can remove dirt with no downtime for that equipment at all because it is non-conductive.  

If you’re interested in spending less time on shutdown, and cleaning your machinery via this method, then why not get in touch and see what we could do for you?