School’s out for summer

Posted On December 12, 2017

Wickens carries out a restoration project at an Oshawa Public School

Like any other material, concrete is susceptible to the elements and tends to deteriorate over time. In Canada, in particular, materials used for the exterior of buildings are exposed to widely fluctuating temperatures, harsh cold, snow, and salt. Overtime, this can make the exterior of a building look worn and tired.

A school in Oshawa, Ontario recently carried out a full building renovation that included the exterior. The concrete used around the school’s windows, and for the door headers and trim, had deteriorated in appearance due to carbon staining and mould, which had accumulated from exposure to the elements over the 50+ years since the school was built. 

Wickens Dry Ice Blasting, having extensive experience with restoration projects, was hired to clean and treat the concrete on the outside of the school so as to prevent further deterioration and to revive the appearance of the building.

During the first visit to the school, Wickens conducted two tests to determine the best approach to restore the concrete. Based on the results of the tests, the appropriate blast media and cleaning process was selected, and Wickens’ technicians went to work cleaning all the concrete surfaces around the exterior of the school. After the blast cleaning was complete, Wickens treated the surfaces with a sealant to add extra protection against the elements and to help extend the lifespan of the concrete.

Wickens’ process was quick and efficient, and the project was completed during the summer break with no disruption the school. When staff and students arrived back in September, a fresh, clean and welcoming building greeted them.

If you have brickwork or concrete that has deteriorated due to long time exposure to the elements, contact Wickens today to learn more about our restoration processes.