When time is of the essence, Wickens can help

Posted On January 19, 2017

Fires can be devastating for business owners and building managers. Even after emergency response crews have ensured the safety of building occupants and quelled the flames, commercial and industrial properties are often left in a terrible state from fire and smoke damage. For many businesses, production is halted temporarily while restoration work is carried out. For others, however, fire can mean a permanent end to production if they are not able to get back into the facility in a timely manner.

Wickens Dry Ice Blasting offers emergency fire restoration services that enable businesses get back on their feet quickly.

Upon notification of a fire, Wickens is able to rapidly mobilize a fleet of technicians and equipment to carry out a range of specialized blasting methods, including dry ice blasting, soda blasting, vapour abrasive, glass and grit blasting. Once an assessment of the site has been done, Wickens can identify the best type of blasting for the restoration work and adapt their procedures to the specific loss, including complex industrial explosions, chemical decontamination and high voltage losses. Dry ice blasting, for example, is a completely dry and non-abrasive process that can be used to safety clean electrical panels, wiring and other delicate surfaces.

All Wickens’ technicians are certified to use aerial lifts and swing stage scaffolding, and are trained in containment set-up, confined space entry and hazardous site safety procedures. Moreover, Wickens’ technicians are able to train client company staff to carry out the blasting, which increases operational efficiency and decreases costs for the client.

Recently, Wickens was called in to a trucking company’s cargo storage facility that had been damaged by fire. The entire 42,000 square foot building had been contaminated with soot and smoke residue, making it unusable.

Within two business days of receiving the call, Wicken conducted a site assessment and put together a large-loss program tailored to meet the needs of the client and facility. From there, Wickens mobilized its staff and all the equipment necessary to carry out the project, including blasting machines, compressors and dry ice. Wickens’ dry ice blasting specialist trained the client company’s personnel to carry out the work and also supervised every stage of the cleaning process, offering help and guidance along the way to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Beyond removing the soot and fire residue from the facility, Wickens’ specialist also directed the client company’s cleanup technicians on how to decontaminate extensive areas of plastic-covered insulation.

Once the cleaning was underway and the client company’s staff became more comfortable using the dry ice blasting equipment, the project picked up speed and was completed in only eight days. This enabled the client company to progress with other restoration work and ultimately get back to business.

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