Wickens successfully completes a large-scale fire restoration project in only 10 days

Posted On January 19, 2018

A fire can be devastating for any business. Even after the safety of employees has been assured, the loss of equipment and assets, and production downtime, can result in a serious loss of business. If dealt with quickly and properly, business loses can be minimized. There are ways to restore a facility and get a business back up and running.

Recently, a waste transfer station in Markham, Ontario suffered extensive fire damage throughout the 43,000 square foot facility.  Only the area where the fire broke out was beyond repair and had to be demolished and rebuilt. The rest of the facility was covered in smoke and soot residue, leaving the walls and ceiling black. Luckily, there was minimal structural damage to the majority of the station so management was able to explore options for restoration.

Wickens Dry Ice Blasting, offering catastrophe restoration services, was hired to clean and restore the waste transfer station. Within two days of being called, Wickens assessed the condition of the facility, determined the process for restoration, and mobilized manpower, equipment, lifts and scaffolding to start the work.  

Dry ice blasting was chosen as the best process to thoroughly clean and remove soot and smoke residue from surfaces, safely and with no secondary waste.  The dry ice blasting process uses specialized blasting machines that propel CO2 pellets through compressed air guns. When the pellets make contact with a surface they sublimate (vapourize) and the high-pressure air stream breaks the bond between the coating and the surface. Dry ice blasting is a completely dry and non-abrasive process, making it quick and efficient. It is also safe to clean electrical components, such as wiring, switches, sensors, and more. 

Wickens operated numerous blasting stations to ensure the cleaning was completed as quickly as possible. Once the surfaces were cleaned of all fire residue, Wickens applied a sealant to the walls and ceiling before applying a final coat of paint. The restoration project was completed in only ten days, enabling the waste transfer station to get back up and running with minimal disruption.

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