Clean Your Facility Using an Eco-Friendly Method

Choose Dry Ice Blast Cleaning

Dry Ice Blasting is an environmentally friendly and safe cleaning method, unlike traditional cleaning procedures leaving little to no carbon footprint. If your company is trying to meet an ISO 14000 standard, Dry Ice Blasting is the ideal cleaning method. It does not create secondary waste, harmful gases, and requires no special removal.

Being recognized as an 'Eco-Friendly' company has its benefits. Dry Ice Blasting will help reduce the costs associated with secondary waste clean up, increase your operation's efficiency, and leave no carbon footprint to the environment.

Why Choose Dry Ice Blasting?

  • It will help your company receive an ISO 14000 standard
  • It has been approved by the EPA, FDA and the USDA
  • Uses no contaminants or chemicals and therefore does not create any hazardous or secondary waste for clean up or special disposal
  • The process does not create or add CO2 to the atmosphere
  • Reduce costs from secondary waste cleanup

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