Increase the Uptime and Reliability of Your Electrical Equipment

Dry Ice Blast cleaning can be safely used on electrical equipment. There is no damage to stator slots, turbine blades or other delicate components. Dry Ice Blasting produces no hazardous or secondary waste and is dry on impact. There are no dis-assembly, cleanup and recovery costs.

Other types of cleaning for electrical equipment can cause days of costly downtime, even weeks! These periods of downtime are directly influenced by long dry times and clean up of secondary wastes. With Dry Ice Blasting there is no hassle and your electrical equipment can be up and running immediately after being cleaned – no disconnections or reconnections necessary. 

Dry Ice Blasting is a great option when cleaning electrical equipment after a fire.

Advantages of Dry Ice Blasting Your Electrical Equipment

• Reduce permanent failure of equipment

• Equipment lasts longer

• Increases efficiency and life span

• Avoids technical shortages

• Safe for equipment

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Get more out of production with a cleaner, more efficient system.

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