GTA Risk of Mould After Flood – It’s Time to Clean Up

We Can Help Assist with Your Mould Remediation Projects

We Can Offer:

  • Containment Conditioning
  • Dry Ice Blasting
  • Rough Clean Up, HEPA vac & Final Clean Up
  • Application of Anti Microbial Seal

Contracting Services 

The wide range of dry ice blasting equipment and services are available to assist you in your remediation projects.
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Dry Ice Blasting is the most effective mould removal solution.  Mould remediators across North America are using Dry Ice Blasting to reduce their remediation time by as much as 60-80% per project.

Dry Ice Blasting is the Preferred Method of Cleaning

  • Gets into hard to reach places and tight spots
  • Complete removal around wiring and plumbing
  • Fast, safe and efficient, no secondary waste
  • Thorough mould spore removal
  • Surface left completely dry & contaminant free
  • Less manpower is needed with Dry Ice Blasting (2 people, 1-3 days)

Restore Structures Instead of Replacing Them

Instead of facing the high costs of replacing roofing and flooring caused by a large amount of mould growth, Wickens Dry Ice Blasting can restore structures without any teardown necessary.  Dry Ice Blasting ensures thorough cleaning and a quick recovery no matter how big or small the job.

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Equipment Rentals

Rental packages consist of equipment, training, dry ice delivery and pick up options.
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Wickens Dry Ice Blasting Services Toronto, Ottawa, London, Burlington, Hamilton, Windsor, Northern Ontario and Fort McMurray, Alberta.

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