Restore a Structure with Wickens Dry Ice Blasting Inc.

As the population of the downtown core of many cities become increasingly dense with both businesses and residents, historical building restorations are becoming increasingly popular. Despite many differences in the types and scopes of projects, contractors have very little margin for error in the restoration of aging structures. Maintaining a building’s historic integrity is generally under greater public scrutiny from preservationists and neighbours.

With an impressive portfolio of successfully completed historical restoration projects, Wickens Dry Ice Blasting has the experience and capabilities to remove decades of buildup while maintaining the integrity of the aged structure. Whether it’s smoke damage, mould, lead based paint or carbon from years of exposure, Wickens knowledgeable team can help uncover the original surface safely with no damage to the historical structure without the creation of any harmful secondary waste.

Consider Using Wickens Services for Historical Structure Restoration:

· Uncovers the detail of a structure
· Executes a highly safe and efficient cleaning process
· Leaves no secondary waste streams
· Helps eliminate the use of tough chemicals and abrasive cleaning methods
· Cleans without damaging the substrate
· Removes lead based paints
· Cleans around wiring/plumbing without damage

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