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Residential & Commercial Fire Damage and Brick Restoration

Residential, commercial or industrial fires are devastating to work and living conditions. After a fire disaster in industrial plants, production and profits can be drastically reduced.

Dry Ice Blasting, also known as CO2 cleaning is an effective industrial cleaning tool for many types of substrates. Restoring indoor brick, outdoor stone, or even brick paint removal is accomplished with this safe and non-toxic industrial cleaning solution. For industrial services and production plants, metal parts and cleaning machinery are cleaned easier and quicker than other cleaning methods.

Dry Ice Blasting is dry on contact and does not require disassembly or drying time of parts. In cases of commercial fire damage or home fire damage, Dry Ice Blasting gently takes care of smoke odor removal and soot removal from walls. Dry Ice Cleaning conducted by fire repair contractors are able to complete disaster restoration cleaning procedures and techniques with better, cleaner results.


Commercial businesses, industrial plants, production facilities, residential homes, buildings under construction, brick restoration, or any location requiring quick recovery from a fire disaster.

Quick Recovery from Commercial Fire Damage

Dry Ice Blasting saves time without the need for special services in order to combat commercial fire damage.

In addition to the direct effects of fire, other elements create harsh environments or further damage. Soot and fire residues can leak toxic chemicals into the air and continue to eat away on the surface materials. Removing these elements can be completed quickly and harmlessly without need for special waste removal, or toxic chemicals. Dry Ice Pellets sublimate on contact and do not create secondary waste or the need for additional cleanup.

Thorough Cleaning - Great for Home Fire Damage

Reach areas other cleaning methods cannot with Dry Ice Blasting.

A house undergoing renovation, construction, or currently occupied can experience any type of fire in any area: kitchen fire, electrical fire, fire from candles, accidents or vandalism. What matters most is recovering from the fire disaster. To safely remove signs of fire and negative effects of fire elements like soot, smoke odors and acidic carbon residues, Dry Ice Blasting is a gentle, yet industrial strength cleaning solution. No matter the material being blasted (wood beams, electrical wiring, duct work, stucco, outdoor and indoor brick, stone and many other surfaces) Dry Ice can get into the smallest corner to blast away residues of fire. You'll receive a superior, more thorough clean where traditional cleaning methods fail

Save Money by Restoring instead of Replacing

Two main benefits of restoring vs. replacing materials if possible: insurance rates and cost of replacement, both offer potential savings!

For a lot of contractors and building developers, restoring brick, stone and other materials can save the cost of reconstruction. The home market's latest trend of restoring old factories into lofts or buying and flipping houses the cost of renewing and restoring materials Dry Ice Blasting can work better with your budget, rather than having replacing materials.

Dirt and grime cleaning, removing fire residues, brick paint removal, dirt and grime cleaning from decades of pollution is a simple job for CO2 and the Dry Ice cleaning process.

After a fire disaster within business/commercial environments or homes and housing, replacing materials claimed under insurance could raise rates. If materials are not completely destroyed by fire, a great solution in avoiding the an increase of insurance rates is to use Dry Ice Blasting as your disaster restoration cleaning method.