Catastrophe Restoration Services

Wickens Dry Ice Blasting offers emergency services for disaster restoration of fires, explosions, impact damage, and decontamination of lead, asbestos and mould arising out of those perils.

Emergency procedures at the earliest stages of commercial, residential and industrial losses serve to mitigate losses on the one hand and prepare buildings for engineering analysis, structural inspection and accurate estimating on the other.

Blast cleaning is a quick and effective component of modern emergency procedures.

Wickens is able to rapidly mobilize a large fleet of dry ice, soda/lime, vapour abrasive, high pressure water, steam, glass, sponge and inert grit cleaning stations, technicians trained in aerial lift and swing stage usage, scaffolding, containment, confined space entry, lead, asbestos and mould abatement and hazardous site safety procedures.

Wickens can match the specific type of blast cleaning required to meet each and every loss circumstances whether simple house fires or complex industrial explosions involving chemical decontamination and high voltage losses.

The Wickens certified Dry Ice Blasting teams are trained to follow an organized plan with scheduled priorities and controlled procedures.

Don’t wait for the disaster to get worse. Call Wickens Dry Ice Blasting today!

What our customers have to say:

"Buckingham DKI offers full-service fire response and disaster restoration services in Sudbury and surrounding areas. In order to complete projects quickly and efficiently, we rely on our partnerships with specialized contractors.

When our company was awarded a large loss restoration project in a trucking company’s cargo storage facility in Sudbury, our DKI affiliate in Orillia recommended we contact Wickens Dry Ice Blasting to work with us on the project.

A fire in the office portion of the building had caused extensive smoke and soot contamination throughout the 42,000 square foot facility. Due to critical timelines, the building owner needed the facility restored quickly, with soot and smoke residue removed from all building surfaces.

Simon Brown from Wickens Dry Ice Blasting put together a large-loss cleaning program that included operating multiple blasting stations to accommodate for the size of the building. Dry ice blasting was selected as the media for cleaning the facility because of its ability to deliver a deep and thorough clean while being a completely dry process that produces no secondary waste.

We decided to have our own staff carry out the blasting work in order to maximize efficiency and minimize costs for our client, so Wickens sent a dry ice blasting specialist to lead the project, along with all the necessary equipment.

The technician arrived with the equipment on a Monday, only two business days after we placed the call to Wickens, and started training our staff in the morning. By Monday afternoon, the blasting work had commenced. Throughout the project, Wickens’ technician was on site to supervise the blasting and offer guidance to our staff. He was extremely professional and helpful in getting the project up to speed.

The expertise and extensive knowledge that Wickens brought to the project was invaluable; particularly knowing how to clean various surfaces such as steel decking, trusses and concrete walls. Wickens also ensured that we avoided issues relating to cleaning plastic-covered insulation and other sensitive areas.

The cleaning was completed in only eight days, allowing us to progress quickly to the other restoration work.

I would like to thank Wickens Dry Ice Blasting for enabling our company to tackle such a large project quickly, efficiently and at a much lower cost than had been quoted by other companies."

Mike Buckingham
Buckingham DKI