Three Over Three

From safety issues, to downtime, to moral, the cleanliness of a facility directly affects how profitable a company operates. Wickens offers a no-obligation Three-Over-Three cleanliness inspection plan for increased profits through improved cleaning at any plant or production facility.

The Three-Over-Three cleanliness inspection plan covers every plant's 3 major concerns for profitability and downtime; Worker Safety, Equipment Maintenance, and Facility Cleanliness. Our process involves a Wickens Qualified Technician to be taken on an accompanied plant tour, inspecting various items throughout your facilities. Our Technician watches for levels of concern (present and future) that may pose any risks-safety or mechanically. The process is then documented and presented to you for your evaluation.


The Three-Over-Three Process

We apply our cleaning expertise to every plant's 3 major concerns; Worker Safety, Equipment Maintenance, and Facility Cleanliness.

Worker Safety
Worker Safety and comfort is a key factor in the success of any production facility. A large portion of time lost to injury and production lost to poor working conditions can be eliminated with an effective cleaning program in these important areas:

1. Deck plating and Checker plating around equipment
2. Stairs, walkway, and floor
3. Personal man fans, exhaust fans and Fume Hoods

Preventative Maintenance:
Catching major problems in very early stages can save expensive down time. Wickens has performed maintenance and pre-maintenance cleaning in a variety of industries to facilitate equipment maintenance and enhance preventive maintenance programs. An extensive list of applications includes:

4. Electric motors, hydraulics, compressors
5. Welders, presses, stamping, Tooling, ovens
6. Conveyors, Chain Drives, Paint lines

Facility Maintenance:
Building or facility cleanliness is a real issue. Poorly maintained facilities cause problems ranging from contaminated product to health and safety concerns to fire and spill hazards. Particular areas of concern are:

7. Walls
8. Ceiling Rafters, decking and joists
9. Ventilation systems and duct work