What Is Soda Blasting

Soda Blasting (also known as Baking Soda Blasting) is a process used in restoration, removal and cleaning ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces.  Soda Blasting integrates the use of the familiar household abrasive baking soda (also known as sodium bicarbonate) combined with compressed air to create the necessary impact in order to remove unwanted materials. Although Soda Blasting is similar to other methods (ie sandblasting), the Soda Blasting Media is considered to be a “soft media” blasting, meaning it’s a low impact alternative - making it ideal for delicate surfaces.

Why Choose Soda Blasting?

Although Soda Blasting is similar to other Blasting media, it offers it's own unique properties and advantages making blasting soda an ideal method of cleaning.
Soda Blasting is:

  • Safe around food
  • Absorbs odour and moisture
  • Sensitive on surfaces (will not warp or damage)
  • Less downtime (no need to disassemble, or replace)
  • Recognized as a safe abrasive and can be used almost anywhere
  • Breaks down immediately on contact


Soda Blasting Applications:

Baking Soda Blasting is ideal for Automotive restoration, fire restoration, masonry restoration, industrial plant cleaning, food processing plant cleaning, marine and aviation cleaning, rust, paint, graffiti, oil and grease removal.


Soda Blasting is Ideal for Fire Restoration

Soda blasting is ideal for fire restoration projects because it can be applied to a sensitive substrate like wood without harming or warping the surface while still effectively removing all ash and debris.  In addition soda blasting helps to absorb most of the odour that has infected all structural materials left behind. 

Soda Blasting is Superior for Automotive Restoration

Soda blasting is highly used in the automotive industry where you are able to blast glass, metal, plastic mouldings and fibreglass without any damage, while still leaving a nice smooth finish! It’s perfect for blasting away coats of paint even in hard to reach and awkward areas, eliminating the need to disassemble vehicles. 

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