How to Handle Fire Restoration

Posted On July 29, 2015


Fire is a threat to all homes and businesses, to all buildings in general. Besides having an escape plan, you should also have a plan for how to restore your home should a fire ever occur. Fires can wreak incredible damage and, their damage, very costly to repair. It’s important to make certain you have a reputable company to restore your fire damaged building.

Why it’s important not to ignore fire damage and have it removed and/or restored – First, it’s important to understand that you cannot simply ignore damage done to your home or business by fire. You must have a trusted fire restoration company accurately estimate the damage and offer you a viable solution for repair. To let the damage simply go can cause severe structural damage and put your and your family, or customers and business partners, at a serious health and safety risk. Furthermore, you cannot always see all the damage done to the structure of a building – to support beams and the insulation, for example – and it is absolutely necessary that a professional has reviewed the damage in its entirety and can recommend the proper course of action for repair. This may very well include Dry Ice Blasting, a highly effective method of removing damage created on the outside or inside surface of your building.

The benefits of hiring a professional to have it restored – This should go without saying, that you simply cannot hire someone who is certified, trained, and experienced in dealing with the kind of fire damage done to your structure. Sure, anyone can clean up the debris, but not just anyone can properly remove possibly hazardous chemicals and destruction done to the building itself. Hiring a professional will assure that this, often, dangerous job gets done correctly and that your home is restored to its former condition or better.

How to go about hiring a company that can have it properly removed –First, ask all the right questions when searching for a fire restoration professional. Do they need any specific certifications and, if so, does this company have it? What kind of experience do they have in fulfilling this need? Do they have reviews, and do they have any word-of-mouth reputation anywhere? Where? Search out services like Angie’s List and the Yellow Pages for reviews. The Better Business Bureau will have information on a reputable and well-respected business as well. Search there also

Serious damage can be done by fires. The restoration must also be taken very seriously. Do your homework, ask a lot of questions, and don’t delay in getting fire damage removed from your home or place of business.