Vapour Blasting;
aka Dustless Blasting

Vapour Blasting (also known as Dustless Blasting) is a mixture of compressed air, media and water vapour.  With the consumption of less than one quart of water per minute, mixed with your choice of abrasive, and operating pressures as low as 30 psi to a high of 130 psi; Wickens has become the standard for eco conscious abrasive blasting using Vapour Dustless Blasting technology.

Vapour Dustless Blasting is a proven solution when it comes to surface prep for nuclear plants, bridges, large painting and coating contractors, waste treatment plants, non-ferrous metals and many more. In addition, Vapour Dustless Blasting is commonly used for cleaning purposes and restoration. Its non-aggressive technique ensures that only unwanted materials are removed and that surface components (including critical dimensions and shaping) remain unchanged.  With Vapour Dustless Blasting you are minimizing contaminants, decreasing cleanup and lowering disposal costs.  

Benefits Using
Vapour Dustless Blasting :

  • Reduced media consumption

  • Ultra-low dispersal properties

  • Reduced run off

  • Eliminates 90% of airborne particles

  • Less waste material to dispose

  • Effective in rain, high humidity

  • Remove coating without damaging sub surface

  • Eco Friendly

  • Cost Effective

The Vapour Dustless Blasting Process

Vapour Dustless Blasting works by using an abrasive process of mixing blast media with water to create a vapour liquid also known as slurry mix. The slurry mix is then pressurized in the power unit. Once the blast cleaning hose is primed with the slurry mix, blasting commences and is controlled by the operator holding the blast nozzle. The blasting nozzle works on a convergence/divergence system that accelerates the wet vapour flow with pressures as low as 35 psi and as high as 125 psi. These variable settings are used to attenuate the blast stream for low or high aggression.

The system eliminates 95% of dust associated with dry media blasting systems such as sand blasting. This is accomplished by encapsulating the media in water so that bounce back of dust is virtually eliminated.

A key feature of Vapour Dustless Blasting is its use of water. Water rings and water infusers are commonly used on dry blasting hoses in an attempt to lower dust levels. These are less effective than Vapour Blasting slurry because the blast stream itself is still dry. More importantly, water infusers and rings use city water at 3 to 5 gallons per minute or 180 to 300 gallons per hour. This amount of water use can have a significant and detrimental impact on work sites and containments whereas Vapour Blasting uses less than 18 gallons per hour drying quickly with the media and facilitating an easier cleanup.

Another important feature of Vapour Dustless Blasting is media consumption. Because the blasting is partly accomplished by the flow of water, media consumption is reduced. Depending on the application, consumption of media may drop to as low as 40% of dry blasting levels. For some jobs this will mean 2 or 3 tons less waste per week.

When executing Vapour Dustless Blasting, the choice of abrasive is based on the level of aggression required for a given application. Some media include: crushed glass, garnet, olivine sand flour and white lightening.

Wickens Dry Ice Blasting uses Vapour Dustless Blasting equipment that is fully portable and powered by a mobile air compressor. Effective blast hose lengths can reach up to 400 feet from the power unit.

These features combine to make Vapour Blasting an ideal tool for use in lead and asbestos abatement where the speed and effectiveness of blasting can be had without the attendant dust hazards and high water level problems.

Vapour Dustless Blasting is a Non Destructive
Cleaning Method for Many Applications

Vapour Dustless Blasting for
Industrial Cleaning

  • Removing industrial coatings for inspection
  • Preparing surfaces to coat
  • Cleaning storage tanks
  • Removing rust and scale
  • Removing Roadway markings
  • Building maintenance

Vapour Dustless Blasting for

  • Brick, block, stone buildings
  • Stucco & log homes
  • Grave markers/headstones
  • Artefacts and historic pieces

Vapour Dustless Blasting for

  • Bottom Paint Removal
  • Running gear
  • Teak decking

Vapour Dustless Blasting for
Graffi & Cleaning

  • Highways
  • Concrete
  • Automobiles
  • Wood
  • Statues
  • Stucco

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