Large Loss Package

Dry ice blasting equipment package for large losses.Large Loss Rental Package with Technician

As a restoration company, you deal with all kinds of projects – including large losses in buildings with high square footage. For example, extensive smoke damage in a warehouse or a commercial industrial fire could require a large team and a great deal of specialized equipment.

Wickens can bridge the gap between your personnel and the equipment required, with a rental package that includes an experienced technician, multiple blast stations, compressors, and dry ice. Our specialist will help set up, train, and oversee the project using your personnel to facilitate the restoration.

Our complete dry ice blasting package includes:

  • Technician, equipment, and dry ice provided
  • Short notice, anywhere in Canada
  • No downtime or breakdowns
  • Delivery to your loss location
  • Complete training for your operators
  • Project management on-site
  • Up to 10 blast stations per site

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