Contractor's Package

Contractor’s Dry Ice Blasting Package

Have you thought about expanding your offerings with a complimentary service to your existing business? Dry ice blasting may be perfect for you! Wickens Dry Ice Blasting has created a contractor’s package that is powerful enough to clean years of grime buildup in a manufacturing plant, yet portable enough to travel almost anywhere.

We offer a complete, out of the door package, putting the power of dry ice blasting in your capable hands. Become a part of one of the most revolutionary cleaning services available to the industry: consider dry ice blasting as a complimentary or primary service today.

Perfect for anyone considering a new business! Contact us today for a free quote.

  • Financing Arranged
  • Great Return on Investment
  • No Franchise Fees


What the Contractor’s Package Includes:

Wickens Dry Ice Blasting has put together a package containing all the dry ice blasting equipment you need to get started – no add-ons later. The contractor’s package includes a single hose dry ice blaster (either electric or all-pneumatic) with air and ice regulator on the control panel for easy application versatility, an air dryer unit for use with a portable compressor, an unsurpassed kit of nozzles and extensions in a convenient, professional case, 150 or 300psi air supply hoses with safety whipchecks and fittings of your choice, and a blast hose extension.

This complete contractor’s package will have you up and running in no time. A great business opportunity awaits.

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Electric TriBlast -3 

Uses standard 110V power and can operate with very low air consumption. Air and ice regulator on control panel makes this unit very versatile and easily capable of both very low and high aggression. All  Triblast-3 machines have insulated hoppers with automatic agitation for smooth flow operation.

Pneumatic TriBlast -3

All pneumatic operation, built-rugged for contractors’ use. Air TriBlast-3 provides maximum power and efficiency in ice use. The air and ice regulator on the control panel makes for easy change between applications. Capable of both very low and high aggression. All Triblast-3 machines have insulated hoppers with automatic agitation for smooth flow operation.

Nozzles and Nozzle cases

A wide selection of nozzles tips and extensions to enable a wide variety of applications, all in professional, convenient cases.

Air Preparation Unit 

Pneumatic, portable dryer designed to provide clean, dry air to your dry ice blaster, when running from a portable diesel compressor. One APU can support up to 2 dry ice blasters.

Air Supply Hoses 

150psi and 300psi air supply hoses are included in the contractors package with safety whip checks and either Chicago fittings or fittings of your choice.

Blast Hose Extension 

Serves as an extension for those hard-to-reach areas like: attics, crawls spaces, ceiling applications. A contractor wants to be equipped to go anywhere quickly!