Mining Operations

Dry ice blast cleaning is ideal for removing bitumen, tar, and grime buildup from mining equipment. Keep maintenance costs low by cleaning components using dry ice blasting.

Many different elements of mining equipment can be cleaned safely and effectively with dry ice blasting.

The Benefits of Cleaning Mining Equipment Using Dry Ice Blasting

  • No secondary waste
  • No toxic chemicals or harsh cleaners
  • Minimal set-up time required, spill cleanup can begin quickly
  • Minimal disruption and downtime, as cleaning can be done in place
  • Cleaning is quick, efficient and thorough, making it a cost-effective choice

Crusher Motors

Crusher motors are designed for rock crushers, pellet mills, and other applications requiring motors rated for severe duty service and high starting torques. Dry ice cleaning can blast through built-up grime from these high-performing motors.

Heavy Haulers

A heavy hauler is a vital component to a mining operation—keep maintenance costs low by cleaning components using dry ice blasting. Other methods such as sand blasting, soda blasting, or chemical washing results in the creation of secondary waste, requiring cleanup of both the residue and the cleaning medium.

Cleaning and maintaining a heavy hauler can be a feat, since they are too big to be transported. Dry ice blasting uses portable equipment and can visit the job site day or night, eliminating any downtime while revealing any potential future maintenance issues. Dry ice blast cleaning removes dirt, grime, tar, and bitumen to reveal a clean surface and expose any hidden cracks, and is safe for use around wires without disassembly or downtime.

Electrical Equipment

Dry ice blast cleaning is a safe and thorough method for the industrial cleaning of electrical and sensitive components. This non-damaging technique is effective on power generation equipment, rotors, stators, gas turbines, electric motors, switches, junction boxes, and other electrical components.

Cable Trays

Cable tray systems are used to support insulated electric cables implicated for power distribution and communication. They are used as an alternative to open wiring or electrical conduit systems, and are commonly used for cable management in commercial and industrial buildings. Regular cleaning of these cable trays is important for safety, as they collect dust and dirt that could become flammable—however, they are often installed in hard-to-reach places.

Dry ice blasting can be used to clean around sensitive components such as electrical wiring, and is able to clean hard-to-reach areas. Keeping important systems up and running are vital to any business, which is why Wickens Dry Ice Blasting offers minimal to no downtime and can be performed on a regular maintenance routine.

Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)

Carbon dust buildup on VFDs can lead to arcing across terminals causing short circuits. Dry ice blasting is strong enough to remove all surface contamination, while delicate enough to not damage the components of the drive.

Bitumen Spills & Leaks

Bitumen spills and leaks can negatively affect production equipment such as instrumentation, valves, piping, electric motors, and more. Left for too long, bitumen can create serious maintenance problems resulting in costly downtime.

Dry ice blasting is the ideal method for cleaning bitumen after a spill or leak has occurred. The process is completely dry and non-abrasive, making it safe to use on any surface including wiring and electrical components.

Before & After

Check out these before and after photos of Mining projects completed by Wickens Dry Ice Blasting.

Motors used in the mining industry were cleaned with dry ice blasting.
Dry ice blasting cleaned asphalt and bitumen spills on a truck.
.Dry ice blasting was used to clean asphalt and bitumen spills on mining fans.
Dry ice blasting was used to clean asphalt and bitumen spills on mining fans.
Dry ice blasting was used to clean asphalt and bitumen spills on mining equipment.