Industrial Painting Services and Blasting Services

Industrial facilities take a beating from the elements and everyday use, which can wear down machinery and structures fast. Proper industrial painting is essential to protect these assets from damage, keeping operations running smoothly and avoiding expensive repairs or replacements.

At Wickens Dry Ice Blasting, we provide expert industrial painting services designed to address these challenges for businesses across the GTA and surrounding area. Our specialized coatings and meticulous application techniques shield your infrastructure against harsh conditions, enhancing durability and performance.

By integrating precise blasting for surface preparation with top-tier painting solutions, we ensure superior adherence and protection, delivering a cost-effective, long-lasting solution tailored to maintain the integrity of your industrial assets.

What is Industrial Painting?

Industrial painting is a specialized field within the painting industry primarily focused on applying protective coatings and paints to various industrial structures and equipment. This type of painting is critical for protecting assets from corrosion, weather, and chemical exposure and plays a vital role in maintaining the structural integrity and functionality of industrial facilities.

Industrial painting services use specialized coatings that are highly durable and resistant to corrosion, chemicals, and heat, whereas commercial painting uses standard acrylics, latex, or oil-based paints. These coatings often require advanced application techniques such as spray paint, powder coating, and electrostatic painting.

Most importantly, industrial painting requires rigorous surface preparation to ensure the paint coating adheres properly and lasts longer. At Wickens Dry Ice Blasting, we offer our blasting services as part of our industrial painting services, allowing you to turn to one business to take care of all your needs.

Industrial Paint Preparation & Painting Process

At Wickens, we offer complete industrial painting solutions for business owners, arranging the preparation of surfaces, priming, and painting all with one team.

Our certified teams, led by experienced project managers, will review and analyze your site, preparing a strategy to complete your project. We pride ourselves on creating a process that is as smooth as possible, ensuring minimal impact on your production. We have experience performing industrial painting jobs in occupied and operating facilities and during night shifts to meet your business requirements.

Step 1: Surface Cleaning

The industrial painting process begins with an analysis of the surface for irregularities or problematic surface features. All surfaces must first be cleaned of any loose debris, chipped paint, dirt, grime, and potential damage and deterioration for proper adhesion of paint.

Based on our analysis, appropriate measures to prepare the surface will be recommended to ensure the best final product is achieved. At Wickens, we use the necessary cleaning and blasting services to prepare surfaces for industrial painting. We use techniques including DOFF cleaning, abrasive blasting, dry ice blasting, and chemical treatments where necessary.

Proper surface preparation is essential to the success and durability of each project. The process is assessed by professionals and can vary based on each individual job. Depending on the size of the project and the area that needs to be cleaned, our team also uses swing stages, ladders, scaffolding, aerial lift platforms, and other rigging equipment to complete surface cleaning, priming, and painting safely and effectively.

Step 2: Priming Surface

Prior to surface preparation, Wickens Dry Ice Blasting ensures that surrounding areas are protected from overspray by carefully masking off all areas.

Depending on the base material, a sealant will need to be sprayed to protect the surface. Protective coatings are primarily applied to protect the surface, providing a firm bond between the substrate and finish coat. This process is extremely important to extend the life of metal equipment and surfaces by protecting them from rust and corrosion.

Step 3: High-Volume Painting

With team members, scaffolding, and blasting equipment already on site and in place, Wickens Dry Ice Blasting then paints surfaces. We offer high-volume spray painting, which provides smooth coverage over many surfaces, easily painting 3D surfaces and hard-to-reach areas.

Painting the prepared surface immediately avoids the potential for the newly exposed area to be contaminated, ensuring optimal paint adherence. This reduces the need for additional professionals, saving you project time and money.

Spray painting works by combining the paint with air, converting the paint to tiny droplets and accelerating it out of a nozzle. This allows for a quick and sleek process. To guarantee no spots are missed, a brush or roller technique may be used where required.

Wickens Dry Ice Blasting brings years of blasting experience to each industrial painting project with the understanding and expectation that no two work surfaces are alike.

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Locations Served

Our mobile fleet offers industrial painting to locations all across Ontario, including Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston, London, Burlington, Kitchener-Waterloo, Hamilton, Niagara, St. Catharines, Windsor, Barrie, Sudbury, Sarnia, and more.


Case Studies

Case Study: Industrial Painting and Cleaning of Major Rail Yard Wash Bay

At Wickens, we work on complicated projects that require unique solutions. Explore our latest case study, in which we created unique cleaning solutions to prepare a major rail yard wash bay for painting.

Case Study: Fire Restoration on High-Rise Building

Learn how Wickens used DOFF cleaning on soot and fire residue to clean the exterior of a nine-storey high-rise building in our latest case study.

Case Study: Fire Restoration at Hydro Substation

Wickens Dry Ice Blasting helped restore a fire-damaged hydro substation in Ontario with top-down cleaning and careful attention to sensitive components.

Case Study: Lead Paint Removal for Wanda III Steamship Restoration

Learn how we used media blasting to remove lead paint from the historical steamship, Wanda III, helping to prepare for its return to the waters.

Case Study: Attic Mould Removal in Townhouse Complex

Mould can be a serious problem in any home, causing health issues and damaging the structure of the building.

Case Study: Fire Restoration at School

Cleaning after a fire with dry ice blasting ensures that soot and odour are eliminated safely. Learn how this environmentally friendly technique restored a utility room.

Case Study: Grafton Historic Building Restoration

There are many reasons why people choose to restore an old building. Historic buildings are an important way of keeping history alive, and they can also be a great source of pride for their communities.

Case Study: DOFF Cleaning for External Wood Panelling on Estate Property

Wickens recently worked on cleaning, coating, and rejuvenating wood panelling on an elegant manor using DOFF steam cleaning methods.

Case Study: Paint Removal for Warehouse in Downtown Toronto

Wickens Dry Ice Blasting worked on a paint removal project at an old factory/warehouse in downtown Toronto that was being re-purposed into office spaces.

Case Study: Lead Paint Removal in Ontario Brewery

Wickens Dry Ice Blasting assisted in the removal and disposal of lead paint in an Ontario brewery, keeping the establishment and its employees safe.

Case Study: Log Cabin Restoration

Wickens Dry Ice Blasting has extensive experience cleaning log cabins using special blasting techniques that are non-harmful to the surrounding environment.

Case Study: Dry Ice Blasting Used for a Fire Restoration Project

Wickens used dry ice blasting cleaning techniques for the safe handling of food production equipment in a fire restoration project in Toronto, Ontario.

Case Study: Fire Restoration of 10-Storey Office Building

Wickens Dry Ice Blasting worked on a fire restoration project on a 10-storey office building for a client in Ontario. This project required the use of vapour blasting which is an environmentally friendly dustless fire restoration method.

Case Study: DOFF and Dry Ice Blasting Used for Fire Restoration Project

Fires quickly spread from one part of the house to another and require non-destructive cleaning methods that are safe for the environment and effective on a wide variety of surface substrates.

Case Study: Lead Paint Removal for Major Food Processor

Many older industrial and commercial buildings have lead-based paint hazards. These hazards are a major issue, as employees in these buildings are susceptible to exposure to this toxic substance and may be at risk for progressive health problems if the lead paint is not removed safely.

Case Study: Using Dry Ice Blasting to Clean Economizer Piping

Economizers are prone to dirt and deposit buildup, which hinders them from accomplishing the very tasks they’re installed to do. That’s why an S.A.G.D. industry leader located in Alberta called the professionals at Wickens Dry Ice Blasting.

Case Study: Toronto Condominium Fire Restoration

Condo fire damage quickly spreads to nearby units as well as the building exterior, displacing residents from their homes until the building can be safely restored.

Case Study: Historical Restoration and Preservation of the Kissing Bridge

Many tourists from different parts of the world come to visit Waterloo to experience the scenic beauty of the Covered Bridge. The professionals at Wickens were called in to perform dry Ice blasting, ensuring the bridge retains its pleasing interior. Thanks to dry ice blasting, cleaning this historical structure no longer carries the threat of damage it once did.

Case Study: Fire Restoration in a Subway Restaurant

When a fire leaves a business unable to function, it’s crucial to call in the experts to restore the damaged areas and get back to serving customers as quickly as possible. That’s why a restoration company called the professionals at Wickens after a Subway restaurant in Burlington experienced serious fire damage.

Case Study: Via Rail Fire Restoration & Prevention

Via Rail connects Canada from coast to coast—so it’s crucial to keep trains running safely and efficiently. After an incident involving an exhaust vent that caught fire, Via Rail called in the professionals at Wickens Dry Ice Blasting to restore the area and provide preventive cleaning to avoid similar issues in the future.

Case Study: Mould Remediation at a St. Catharines Ice Arena

Managers of an ice arena in St. Catharine’s, Ontario discovered significant mould growth on the ceiling of the building. Wickens Dry Ice Blasting was able to clean the mould residue and mould spores from the ceiling and support structures within two weeks.

Case Study: Using Dry Ice Blasting to Clean the Canadian Plaza Canopy in Niagara

On the Canadian side of the Peace Bridge, visitors are greeted by the Canadian Plaza, which consists of a main administration building for processing arrivals. Wickens used dry ice blasting to clean the wooden structure without disrupting the high volumes of visitor traffic.

Case Study: Mould Removal from Hamilton Townhouses

The Municipality of Hamilton, Ontario faced a nightmare situation when mould was found in the attics of 90 residential townhouses. Wickens completed the three-month mould remediation project on time, under budget, and with very little disruption to the tenants.

Case Study: Removing Asbestos from an Office Building

A three-story office building in South Western Ontario had areas of exposed brick on all levels that had been painted with asbestos-containing paint. With extensive experience, specialized processes, and trained technicians, Wickens Dry Ice Blasting was able to safely and quickly remove the asbestos.

Case Study: Saving a Building Project from Mould

For builders in Northern Ontario, winter came all too quickly while constructing a luxury condo building. With snow and wet conditions, mould developed on the building materials and spread throughout the building. Wickens quickly mobilized a team of trained technicians to begin the mould remediation process.

Case Study: Removing Lead Paint from a Historic Lighthouse in Niagara

Marking the entrance to the Niagara River is a lighthouse that once guided boats and ships arriving via Lake Ontario. Recently, Fisheries and Oceans Canada decided it was necessary to refurbish the lighthouse and remove the lead paint that had been applied years ago before federal regulations came into effect.


From Our Clients

Your process using dry ice to blast clean our extruder worked extremely well. We saved on downtime allowing us to get up and running in a fraction of the time it normally takes after cleaning. Thanks to your crew; they did a great job!

Angelo De Bono

Extrudex Aluminum

My wife and I want to send our sincere thanks for the great service. We really enjoyed meeting you and we appreciate the fact that you made it happen as quickly as you did, especially with our renovation in progress. Your team was amazing and they did a superb job. David and his crew were fantastic. They were polite, courteous, and they left the house spotless. Class “A” all the way. I would recommend Wickens to anyone that we know. Thanks again for everything.

Livio and Janis Luchini

Home Owners

David and Philip did an amazing job with the last cleaning work. They accomplished a lot and it was very noticeable.

Joseph Boachie


I just wanted you to know how impressed I was with the service and quality of work provided by Kevin. Kevin went above and beyond. He and his partner removed the asbestos, taking pictures of the completed work that I was able to share with our customer. I was so impressed by his courteous manner, his professionalism, and his quality of work.

Carol Tremblett

First General

Thanks for your help on our latest commercial job. The blasting, SPS, and zinc painting turned out great and you kept us on schedule—great clean up too. We look forward to working with you again.
Ken Kindade

Paul Davis GTA West