Case Study: Fire Restoration in a Subway Restaurant

Case Study: Fire Restoration in a Subway Restaurant

Technique Used: Dry Ice Blasting

Location: Burlington, Ontario

Service: Fire Restoration

The exterior of a Subway restaurant.When a fire leaves a business unable to function, it’s crucial to call in the experts to restore the damaged areas and get back to serving customers as quickly as possible. That’s why a restoration company called the professionals at Wickens after a Subway restaurant in Burlington experienced serious fire damage.

The Situation

A fire inside the restaurant necessitated a complete shutdown of the business and removal of all fixtures and fittings, with damage severe enough to warrant a complete tear out. The corrugated galvanized roof decking was badly burned, and two sections required replacement. The steel deck needed to be blasted with a media to allow the zinc-based paint to adhere. All of the walls were stripped down to metal studs and dry wall fire stop.

The steel decking of the restaurant interior with fire damage.The Solution

An engineering reconstruction protocol was created to effectively restore this particular building. Because the coating on the steel decking was damaged, a special zinc coating was specified. In preparation for the paint, the steel had to be media blasted to provide a profile on the steel deck for the paint to properly adhere. This zinc-based paint is a 3-part epoxy that requires a special paint pump and agitator to keep the heavy zinc up in the paint carrier throughout the process.

A light dry ice blasting was performed on the walls, followed by a spray application of smoke seal with BIN white shellac primer.

All work was performed at night to minimize disruption of the busy plaza.

Steps Taken:

  • Sandblast the galvanized steel decking using crushed glass in preparation for paint.
  • Paint the galvanized decking with zinc-based 3-part epoxy.
  • Dry ice blast all walls and studs to remove any smoke residue.
  • Paint all walls to smoke seal with BIN white shellac primer.
  • Complete a final cleanup to prepare for inspection.

The Result

The premises were inspected and approved ready for reconstruction, allowing the restaurant to get back to business serving customers as quickly as possible.

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Roger White