Case Study: DOFF Cleaning for External Wood Panelling on Estate Property

by | Aug 23, 2022

Technique Used: DOFF Cleaning

Location: Ontario

Service: Wood Refinishing

When building the exteriors of a home, many materials are used. Aesthetically-pleasing designs often include a combination of wood, stone, brick, and other features to elevate the appearance of a home and make it unique.

It is important, however, to make sure that the materials used in home building, particularly on the exterior of a home, are protected from the elements.

Wickens was recently contracted to complete wood refinishing techniques on the exterior of an individual’s home after years of the elements’ wear and tear.

The Situation

The home was built from a combination of stone and high-quality reclaimed barn board. After four to five years, the barn board had begun to naturalize and lost its aesthetic appeal, with the wood discolouring to a very dark colour which detracted from the appearance of the house.

The homeowners wanted to bring life back to the reclaimed barn board without damaging it and wanted to create a beautiful, rustic appearance.

The Solution

As we first looked at the site, we had to find the appropriate cleaning method for the wood. We chose to use DOFF cleaning, high-temperature steam that is used to remove paint and biological matter, and kill off spores. No chemicals are used in this cleaning process.

Other media blasting would damage the wood, but we knew that DOFF cleaning would allow us to enhance and add a new, clean look to the wood without damage to its surface.

Once we had cleaned the wood with the DOFF system, we began to look at sealing the wood. A seal would need to be placed on the wood to protect it from the elements like harsh UV rays, water, snow, and ice. We chose to wait until DOFF cleaning was completed to make sure we had a full understanding of the wood’s appearance once cleaned and dried to make an informed decision about the best sealant choice.

We tested a variety of different sealants to determine which would perform the best, and tested different application methods; because the wood had many crevices and cavities, we had to find the best application to protect every part of the wood.

After testing, we found our ideal sealant and determined that the best method for applying the seal would be applying two coats and brushing by hand. While this technique would take longer, it would ensure that every nook and cranny of the wood had protection for the long term. Our team worked to brush and push the sealant into all the cavities to ensure the sealant covered everything.

We also had to build scaffolding to make sure that we could reach all areas of the home.

The Result

After using DOFF cleaning methods and sealing the wood, we created an even colour throughout the wood across the home. This returned the aesthetic appeal of the home and complimented the stone that was also on the exterior. The homeowner was very pleased with its appearance and the work completed.

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Roger White