Case Study: Mould Removal from Hamilton Townhouses

Case Study: Mold Removal from Hamilton Townhouses

Mould Remediation HamiltonTechnique Used: Dry Ice Blasting

Location: Hamilton, Ontario

Service: Mould Remediation

Home and business owners dread finding mould in their properties. Mould is a serious problem that can deteriorate surfaces and send toxins into the air, leading to health issues. Unfortunately, it spreads quickly – once a mould spore attaches to a surface, it can grow and begin to colonize within 24 hours, and is very difficult to destroy.

An Ontario municipality faced a nightmare situation when mould was found in the attics of 90 residential townhouses.

The Situation

Upon investigation, it was discovered that the bathroom vents were not piped to the outside as they should have been, and instead were blowing the air into the attics. The damage was extensive. The damp and humid air from the bathrooms had caused the decking on the roofs to deteriorate to such an extent that they all had to be replaced. The remaining structures, including the wood trusses and joists, were contaminated with mould, and likely had been for some time.

The municipality quickly organized an independent environmental agency to inspect each house and create a protocol for the clean up and repair works, which was then sent out for tender. Due to extensive experience handling large-scale projects as well as demonstrated success with mould remediation, Wickens Dry Ice Blasting won the bid.

The Solution

Dry ice blasting is one of the most effective mould remediation solutions. It’s a non-abrasive cleaning process that works by propelling dry ice pellets at high speeds. Upon surface impact, the pellets sublimate to a vapour-like consistency. When blasted with C02, mould spores immediately detach, leaving the surface clean.

Other cleaning methods can be used to combat mould, but processes like soda blasting are messy, requiring extensive cleanup, and sandblasting tends to be harsh on surfaces and disruptive to building occupants. Dry ice blasting, on the other hand, is a completely dry process, making it safe for cleaning around wiring, plumbing and other delicate areas, as well as around people. It’s also environmentally friendly, with little to no secondary waste, and it can be carried out in hard-to-reach or tight spaces—perfect for attics or crawl spaces.

The Result

Thanks to thorough pre-planning, a trusted process, and a professional mould remediation crew, Wickens completed the three-month project on time, under budget, and with very little disruption to the tenants. Success was further confirmed by post-remediation testing carried out by the independent environmental agency. The tests revealed that all 90 townhouse attics were completely free of mould.

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Roger White