Case Study: Fire Restoration of 10-Storey Office Building

Case Study: Fire Restoration of 10-Storey Office Building

Technique Used: Vapour blasting

Location: Ontario

Service: Fire restoration

Wickens Dry Ice Blasting worked on a fire restoration project on a 10-storey office building for a client in Ontario. This project required the use of vapour blasting which is an environmentally friendly dustless fire restoration method.

The Situation

There was fire vandalism on the outside of the building that stained the facia and blackened the lower section to the point that it had to be remediated. Wickens provided sample blasts on the affected area to clean off the fire damage, but due to the age and carbon staining on the remainder of the building it was determined that the entire facia had to be cleaned.

The Solution

Wickens used vapour blasting to clean the fire damage which uses a mixture of compressed air, media, and water vapour to clean surfaces. This non-aggressive and dustless technique ensures that only unwanted materials are removed and that surface components, including critical dimensions and shaping, remain unchanged.

The building was vapour blasted from the 10th floor down by our personnel who are trained in aerial lift work. At each level, the windows had to be cleaned due to the smoke contamination. The project took place on the weekends due to traffic, pedestrians, and an adjacent project. This meant the Wickens team had to mobilize and demobilize every weekend.

The Result

Wickens was able to complete the project working on weekends. After our fire restoration services, the whole face of the building did not have any evidence of smoke damage, and it was cleaned to its original condition.

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Roger White