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The advantages of using the Triventek Triblast–3

The improved airlock minimizes pulsation thereby giving better cleaning power and makes exact settings of the dry ice flow possible.

  • Fully regulated air and ice on control panel

  • Variable ice particle sizes for gentle and aggressive projects

  • Cuts ice and air job costs by up to 50%

  • Convenient, fully equipped nozzle case

  • Big machine power in a small package

Being able to regulate both the flow of dry-ice pellets and air pressure enables the cleaning of everything from electrical components to paint. The lightweight blast gun with trigger grip and safety switch makes it easy to handle. A single hose with integral antistatic wire gives the highest performance and is more operator friendly.

A wide selection of nozzles for various applications.

Specifications of the Triventek Triblast–3:

  • User-friendly control panel
  • Single hose
  • Low weight and compact
  • Large, insulated hopper
  • Adjustable blast pressure
  • Variable dry-ice feed rate
  • 1 inch blast air piping
  • Operates with 3 mm pellets
  • Easy acceddible interior for service
    and maintenance
  • Lightweight blast gun with safety
    system to eliminate accidental start
  • A wide range of nozzles to suit
    every application

Technical Data

Dimension (LxWxH):


Hopper capacity:

Dry-ice consumption:

Air hose connection:

Blast air piping

Air supply:

30" x 24" x 45"

190 lbs

60 lbs

0.5 lbs/min- 5.0 lbs/min

1" JIC


220 CFM at 100 PSI

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