Paint and Lead-Based Paint Removal

Reduce Health Risks by Eliminating Paint and Lead-Based Paint

Many older industrial and commercial buildings currently have lead-based paint hazards in woodwork, on walls and exterior surfaces. This is a major issue, as occupants and staff of these buildings are susceptible to the exposure of this toxic substance and may be at risk for progressive health problems without the removal of lead paint.

Leaving lead-based paint untreated can put industrial and commercial building owners and facility managers at risk.

There is the possibility for fines and other legal action from exposure related health problems and environmental impact due to improper removal techniques.

Wickens Dry Ice Blasting has extensive experience with lead paint abatement. Lead-based paint and paint can be removed using a variety of specialized techniques and Wickens will ensure an effective clean, leaving you with a safe environment for people to be in.

What Types of Buildings Need Lead Paint Removed?

  • Historical buildings
  • Schools
  • Commercial properties
  • Hospitals
  • Industrial buildings
  • Structural Steel

Before After

Leave the removal of lead-based paint into the hands of Wickens Dry Ice Blasting. Wickens knowledgeable team can help remove the lead based paint without damaging the building surface and without creating any harmful secondary waste. Keep your staff and occupants healthy by contacting the professionals at Wickens who will come to your facility and assess your situation.

Wickens Dry Ice Blasting Inc. offers the most gentle and cost effective way to successfully remove lead based paint on many surfaces.

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What Our Clients Have To Say

"Wickens Dry Ice Blasting was instrumental in helping us move forward with a project where we encountered lead paint on a structure that we were modifying in Niagara Falls. The requirement from our client to remove the paint in areas that we needed to weld was challenging but Wickens was able to provide solutions for the application. This enabled us to keep the project moving forward and contributed to a successful project completion.

Roger, Simon and Jason took great care and effort to properly prepare the affected areas, work with proper procedures on a site that had a lot of safety of Ministry of Environment oversite, and complete the task in a timely manner."

Paul Wilkinson, Site Manager
Trademark Industrial Inc.

Leaving lead-based paint untreated can put building owners and facility managers at risk. This job required lead paint abatement utilizing Dry Ice Blasting in a cold storage facility.

"Too often people complain about things that don’t go right. I’ve made it a habit of sending a note for when they do go well. Thanks to you and your crew for a job well done."

Rob Boal
Versacold, ON


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