3 Things You Need to Know About Industrial Ceiling Cleaning

by | Feb 15, 2023

The ceilings of factories and commercial properties are often overlooked in the cleaning process, but ceilings need attention too. Dry ice blasting is a particularly effective method for cleaning commercial and industrial ceilings that have corrugated steel decking and trusses.

Blasting can be done as part of a regular cleaning routine, after a fire, or in instances where paint is flaking off and falling into your production and process areas. Dry ice blasting is also great for cleaning up production residue on these areas, like grease, oil, and dirt.

Before you begin down the road of hiring a team to clean the high ceiling of your commercial or industrial facility, we have a few tips for the process. Here are three things you need to know about high level ceiling cleaning:

Sediment Accumulation Can Turn into Health Hazards

Accumulated dust and sediment on ceilings are more than just an aesthetic problem, though they do make locations look worn out and in poor condition. The dirt and grime that collects on ceilings can also be a potential health hazard, which can lead to dangerous conditions for your employees.

Another issue with accumulated sediment is that the debris can fall into production and process areas, affecting machinery, disrupting production lines, and ultimately affecting product quality.

Dry ice blasting completely removes the buildup of grease, dirt, and even paint to keep your facility as safe and clean as possible. Regular cleanings with dry ice can promote a cleaner, safer, and more productive workplace. Wickens can even repaint your ceilings after cleaning!

High Ceiling Cleaning Can Be Done with Limited Downtime

The biggest barrier to commercial and industrial high-level cleaning is finding the time to get the job done. Businesses understandably hesitate to interrupt production, but with Wickens, you can minimize your factory downtime.

Dry ice blasting is a completely dry method that gets into all the hard to reach nooks and crevices of ceiling decking and trusses. It also produces little to no secondary waste so the disruption to your business’ production is limited. We also offer the flexibility to schedule cleaning around your needs to make the cleaning process as efficient as possible.

Only Work with Verified Professionals

Cleaning at high levels is dangerous. It’s important to ensure that the company you hire to carry out cleaning has had its employees complete a “working at heights” training program, approved by the Chief Prevention Officer and delivered by an approved training provider. If a cleaning company can’t guarantee their team has had this training, they may not know how to safely clean your facilities.

With decades of industrial cleaning experience, our team of technicians is trained to perform safely on high ceilings, ensuring that your cleaning is done safely and effectively.

If your ceilings could use some TLC, contact Wickens to learn more about high ceiling cleaning. We’re happy to help put together a quote to clean your facilities, and even build a high-level cleaning plan for your business!

Roger White