Why Dry Ice Blasting is the Number 1 Solution for Mould Remediation

Why Dry Ice Blasting is the Number 1 Solution for Mould Remediation


Why Dry Ice Blasting is the Number 1 Solution for Mould Remediation

The last thing a business wants to discover in their premises is mould. Not only is it a potential danger to employees, but the appearance of mould also means unplanned shutdown times in order for the affected areas to be properly cleaned. There are several methods that claim to help with commercial mould remediation, but we believe that dry ice blasting is the number one solution.

Dry ice blasting can be carried out as part of a regular cleaning routine, following fire or flood damage, or in places where you need to get rid of heavy production residue, like grease, oil, or dirt. It’s fast, environmentally friendly and effective. These qualities – in addition to dry ice blasting’s versatility – make it one of the most popular industrial cleaning methods on the market today.

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Here are three reasons why dry ice blasting is the top choice for getting rid of mould:

Dry Ice Blasting Can Be Done Anywhere.

Dry ice blasting works by propelling dry ice pellets at extremely high speeds.  Upon impact, the pellet sublimates almost immediately, breaking the bond between the debris and the substrate with minimal impact. That makes it safe to be used in all areas of a facility, including in production areas around machines, and most electrical equipment.

Instead of having to use different cleanup methods for different areas of your plant, dry ice blasting is the best single solution for removing mould.  The blasting can be carried out in a variety of spaces, from attics and ceilings, to crawl spaces, basements and foundations.

Dry Ice Blasting is Effective.

Dry ice blasting removes 99.9% of mould spores from wood and other inorganic and organic surfaces – and it does so without using any toxic chemicals during the remediation process. Dry ice pellets use sublimation to break the bond between the mould and the substrate with minimal abrasion. A HEPAvac system is used to contain mould particles for transfer, and aside from properly removing and disposing of the mould, dry ice blasting requires no additional clean up.

Dry Ice Blasting Delivers Quick, Thorough Results.

Dry ice blasting is effective and environmentally friendly. Moreover, companies are often impressed by the speed at which dry ice blasting achieves results. Since it’s safe to use on a variety of surfaces, machines and production lines can be cleaned in place. Couple that with zero need for dry time, and dry ice blasting can help get your business up and running much faster than traditional mould remediation methods.

We Offer Mould and Fire Restoration Solutions

So, if you have a mould problem or are facing the aftermath of a fire, contact us for professional cleanup services. Our team of professionals are experienced in cleaning industrial and commercial structures and production and plant equipment, and our work meets the highest industry standards.

Our mobile fleet is ready to tackle the toughest jobs in Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa, London, Burlington, Windsor, Barrie, and Northern Ontario. Contact us today to see how we can help with your mould or fire restoration needs.

Wickens Dry Ice Blasting tackles the toughest jobs across Ontario, offering fire restoration, mould remediation, asbestos abatement, lead paint abatement, and more. Contact us today for a consultation or emergency service!

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