Dry Ice Blasting: Effective Cleaning Method for Fire Restoration and Cleaning of Commercial and Industrial Ceilings

Dry Ice Blasting: Effective Cleaning Method for Fire Restoration and Cleaning of Commercial and Industrial Ceilings


Dry Ice Blasting: Effective Cleaning Method for Fire Restoration and Cleaning of Commercial and Industrial Ceilings

The ceilings of factories and commercial properties are often overlooked in the cleaning process – but ceilings need some attention too.

Dry ice blasting is a particularly effective method for cleaning commercial and industrial ceilings that have corrugated steal decking and trusses.

Dry ice blasting can be done as part of a regular cleaning routine, after a fire, or in instances where paint is flaking off and falling into the production and process areas. It is also a great method for cleaning up production residue, such as grease, oil, and dirt.

For fire restoration, dry ice blasting is the most effective approach for a quick recovery that saves money by restoring instead of replacing the ceiling. It takes care of smoke odor and soot removal, providing better and cleaner results. The need for additional cleanup is also eliminated as dry ice pellets sublimate on contact.

In the case of wood ceilings, dry ice blasting equipment can be used to shave wood surfaces, exposing clean timber and a HEPA vac system is used to contain the particles for transfer.

Here are three things you should know about commercial and industrial high-level cleaning:

Sediment Accumulation Can Turn into a Health Issue

Accumulating dust and sediment on ceilings are more than just an aesthetic problem (though it can make locations look worn out and dull). The dirt and grime can also lead to health issues for employees. Dry ice blasting removes the buildup of grease, dirt, and even paint, to keep facilities as safe – and as clean – as possible. Furthermore, falling dirt and debris can affect machinery and disrupt production lines, ultimately impacting product quality. Therefore, regular cleanings can ensure a more productive workplace, and we can repaint ceilings after cleaning, to further improve the look of the space.

High-level Cleaning Can Be Performed with Limited Downtime

The biggest barrier to commercial and industrial high-level cleaning is usually finding the time to get the job done.  Businesses understandably hesitate to interrupt production, but we are able to minimize factory downtimes. Dry ice blasting is a completely dry method that is able to get into all of the hard to reach nooks and crevices of ceiling decking and trusses. It also produces no secondary waste, other than the residue removed, so the disruption to a business’ production is limited. We also offer the flexibility to schedule the cleaning around specific requirements so as to make the cleaning process as efficient as possible.

Only Work with Professionals

Cleaning at high levels can be dangerous. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that the company carrying out the cleaning has had its employees complete a “working at heights” training program, delivered by a certified training provider, to meet government requirements.  With decades of industrial cleaning experience, we pride ourselves on creating safe work environments for our customers and employees.

If your ceilings could use some TLC, contact Wickens to learn more about high-level cleaning and how we can provide this service in your facility. Our mobile fleet is ready to tackle the toughest jobs in Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa, London, Burlington, Windsor, Barrie, and Northern Ontario.

Wickens Dry Ice Blasting tackles the toughest jobs across Ontario, offering fire restoration, mould remediation, asbestos abatement, lead paint abatement, and more. Contact us today for a consultation or emergency service!

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