How to Utilize Dry Ice Blasting in the Cannabis Industry

How to Utilize Dry Ice Blasting in the Cannabis Industry


How to Utilize Dry Ice Blasting in the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis farms and greenhouses require an eco-friendly and easy-to-manage cleaning method. The chemicals used during the cannabis cultivation process require detailed cleaning, slowing down production and cutting into the bottom line.

Imagine a cleaning method that removes all those problems: an all-natural, non-toxic cleaning method that can be used while production is moving, with no residue to clean up? It exists, and it’s the perfect method for cannabis production: dry ice blasting.

Dry ice blasting uses carbon dioxide (CO2) in the form of solid dry ice pellets. Dry ice pellets sublimate to a vapour form once they hit the surface, leaving a clean, dry surface without any residue.

Using dry ice blasting in your cannabis production facilities can simplify your cleaning process, assist in managing pests, and promote sustainability. Introducing these factors can optimize and promote your business as efficient and forward-thinking.

Cleaning Simplified

Dry ice blasting is non-abrasive, non-toxic, non-flammable, and non-conductive. Machines don’t need to be turned off to be cleaned, keeping your cannabis farm’s production lines, dryers, and extraction equipment on schedule.

Oils, resins, and debris can often be difficult to remove on equipment and tools, but dry ice blasting uses CO2 at such a cold temperature that these materials are immediately frozen and blasted from surfaces. It makes a challenging process easy while avoiding any chemical residue or water cleanup.

Dry ice blasting also makes difficult to scrub areas easy to clean – the pressure utilized by the blasting methods ensures detailed areas and hard-to-reach ceilings of cannabis production facilities are cleaned effectively and quickly.

Pest and Bacteria Removal

Dry ice blasting sanitizes passive air filtration systems, ensuring structures are consistently clean and that no mould, pests, or bacteria are left behind to grow and contaminate any production areas.

Blasting can be used to remove debris of different forms and manage pests like spider mites. This method can quickly remove these contagious contaminants from all tools and equipment, meaning you can return to normal production practices faster than you would with other cleaning techniques.

Sustainable Practices

Sustainability in business practices is coming to new heights, and customers are now looking for companies to utilize environmentally friendly methods in their everyday practices.

By promoting dry ice blasting as a cleaning method, you can enthuse your customers that you are using all-natural methods in your process and qualify yourself as a more eco-conscious cannabis farm.

Dry ice blasting is an effective, swift cleaning method that can ensure a proper clean and a good name in your customer’s books.

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Roger White